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Linda H. 1/21/2013

Bought a massage package from Groupon. It was well worth it and I would go again. Facility very clean and April, the masseuse was friendly, extremely pleasant and applied just the right amount of pressure. I gave it a 4 star rather than 5 because the restrooms are located outside the facility in the hallway, didn’t make much difference to me but if you needed to use the bathroom during a treatment, it would be awkward.

Simone T. 1/16/2013

Best massage in the Leesburg area. The new location is really nice and very professional. I have had a couple of massages in the area and none have compared to Hideaway. I have gone twice now and had Audra as my therapist. She was so wonderful the first time I had to go back to her again. Would not hesitate to refer the Hideaway to anyone seeking a massage!

Phil K. 1/7/2013

Shelley was my therapist last Friday.  She is an outstanding professional with “great hands” … my massage was exceptional.  Thank you Hideaway!

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Hideaway Massage is the BEST!!! The facility is cozy & comfortable and the staff is great. Lucia is my “regular”, but you will be happy with the other ladies. In my humble opinion, Hideaway is THE BEST in Leesburg, Loudoun, N. Virginia, ………….. etc.

Valerie B. 12/12/2012

Hideaway is the best massage place in Leesburg! Friendly and attentive to your needs, all the therapists are professional and courteous. I have tried other places, but was never as satisfied as with this place. Lucia is my favorite 🙂

Kris Z. 12/1/2012

Just had another great massage at Hideaway Massage. I’ve been here several times now for couple’s massages with my wife or just by myself. Very relaxing and rejuvenating as usual. The hot stone add-on melts the tension away.

Their new location is very nicely decorated and inviting. You feel relaxed just walking into the lobby.

Jennifer W. 11/29/2012

I bought a Groupon for myself and my sister so we could try the Pumpkin Spice massage at Hideaway Massage. We’ve bought a couple voucher deals for massages before but this place was by far the best! Their website has all the information you need and it was easy to make an appointment online. It’s located very conveniently to us in Leesburg in the same building as Vintage 50. I didn’t know how relaxing it was going to be since it was in an office building type setting, but once you walk in the door you would never know! Calming atmosphere, they offer you a drink as soon as you walk in, and we were taken back to our appointments on time. I had April and my sister had Audra. The massage rooms are beautifully decorated and the massage tables are HEATED! I was so comfortable that it was really hard to get up and leave after my massage. The massage itself was very good and was the right amount of pressure. I mainly wanted this massage to be relaxing and she certainly did her job as I almost fell asleep at one point. I definitely can’t wait to go back and my sister and I are already asking for gift certificates from our husbands for Christmas.

Meghan W. 11/20/2012

Had Abby for a pumpkin spice full body message. Was wonderful! Abby took the time to listen to what I wanted. Answered all my questions and was very nice the whole appointment. The office is very nice and easy to find, the only flaw it there is no restroom inside, you have to go outside the suite to a public restroom. But overall the experience was great, looking forward to my next!

Heather G. 10/31/2012

My husband and I went here today to get a couples massage for our anniversary. The place is hidden in an office building in Leesburg. It’s very clean and beautifully decorated with calming spa colors and accents. The massage rooms are gorgeous with comfortable, heated tables. Our massage therapists were Allison and Audra. We had a 75 minute Couples Hideaway Escape massage. My husband fell asleep during his massage, he was so relaxed! All the knots in my shoulders were worked out better than any other massage I’ve had before. I love this place! We will definitely be coming back again!

Valerie P. 9/10/2012

I would like to thank the ladies at Hideaway for their expertise in their profession.  I had been going to Massage Envy but have been finding that the therapist are not as knowledgeable for pain management.  Abbey was wonderful!   The the issues that I have she was able to get down to business and help get the kinks out.  Worth leaving  a half year contract with the other for a more specialized business such as Hideaway Massage.

The personal attention I was given by the owner even went 10 steps further than anywhere else, equal to the Breakers in Palm Beach, Fl., which says a lot.

I had decided to get a spray tan due to my skin condition called Vitiligo.  It is basically white spots all over, but my normal skin still tans.  I’d tried some tanning solutions but you could always tell and it seemed worses.  Allison, the owner took extra loving  care and concern for my mental status as well as my needs.  She had given me a spray tan and it looked good, but I still felt a little self conscience.  She brought me back in and decided to take special care to help me and ensure the tan was even better than it already was.  I had to go to the  beach with a large group of people and walked in crying.  She spray tanned me, did some touch ups on certain areas where the vitiligo was more prominent. I felt like I use to before my vitiligo had spread.  I was able to wear a T-Top and no make up infront of people finally feeling confident!  She also wants to work with me further, to work with vitiligo and other such skin impairment.  Increasing her base knowledge and make people as happy as I am.  Thanks Hideaway for that special touch!

Caity T. 12/10/2012

Love this place and it’s new location is fantastic. So calm, relaxing, and professional. Allison is the best!

Tricia M. 3/4/2013

My husband and I visited Hideaway Massage for the first time.  We had the most amazing couples massage with April and Abby.  They are wonderful and make the whole experience enjoyable and relaxing.  We will definitely be going back again soon!

Christina S. 2/24/2013

Have been to Hideaway massage twice.  First time for a couples massage and Abby worked on me, can’t remember who worked on my fiancé but we both really enjoyed it.  They were both very good at massage and we felt relaxed and renewed when we left.  My second massage was with Allison.  She is the owner and an awesome massage therapist.  The location is in an unassuming office type building.  Once you walk in the door of Hideaway massage you realize you’ve come to the right place.  Environment is calm and inviting and relaxing.  If you want an all around great massage experience this is the place to go!

Peggy O. 2/23/2013

Great location and lovely relaxing atmosphere. Heated massage beds, chocolate on the pillow and little cupcakes afterwards. This is a wonderful treat; the couples massage is great for a mother/daughter day out. Ask for Abby and April and you will be very happy.

Jenn U. 2/21/2013

Hideaway Massage is the best in Northern Virginia.  From the serene, spa-like atmosphere to the heated massage tables, it is an exceptional relaxation experience.

Dave R. 12/17/2013

One of our favorite spas.  They specialize in couple’s massage and they really do it right.  The atmosphere is soothing throughout.  Have had 2 couples massages and 1 solo and they were some of the best massages we’ve every had!  My wife and I plan on making this a regular event.

Karla W. 2/9/2013

The couples massage was very relaxing. Abby & April were very professional and did a great job working on problem areas at the right pressure. I plan on going back and would highly recommend.

Lynn B. 1/31/2013

Abby provided an excellent massage.  I work out a lot and then work at a computer for  long periods of time.  I was really uncomfortable when I went in for my massage.  Abby was terrific at targeting the problems I had created!

Ed C. 1/25/2013

I have had massages throughout the U.S., Mexico and on cruise ships.  April was by far the best!

A Z. 1/24/2013

Best massage in the area! I have been to just about every therapist and they each have their strong points, but all are great. New location isn’t as charming as the old one, but the rooms are still nicely appointed. You get what you pay for here! They can help you relax and also can help work very sore and tight areas. I have some scar tissue on my one shoulder and whenever it flares, a trip to Hideaway always does the trick!

J H. 5/22/2013

Hideaway therapists are the greatest.  Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll have a wonderful massage.  Allison has put together a great staff.  Enjoy!!!

Charming P. 5/20/2012

Truly the best massage I’ve ever had in my life!!! I was lucky to experience the Mother’s day special on Mother’s day and I felt like a queen! Abby was my massage therapist- two words- MAGICAL HANDS!!!! I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 after my session. I cannot wait to go back. The hot stones are a must try.

Amber F. 8/13/2012

This is the best massage I’ve ever had in my life! I was given a gift certificate to Hideaway last December and finally had the chance to go yesterday. I opted for a Swedish with Hot Stones and a facial add-on. April was incredible. She literally put me into a state of euphoria by the end. I didn’t even know areas of my body were holding tension until she magically melted the stress away. I will definitely go again!

Sahara M. 3/31/2012

I’ve been to several different spas for massages but nothing compares to Hideaway Massage in Leesburg. The staff is friendly, the environment is relaxing and comfortable, and the massages are incredible.

My first visit was a couples massage in 2009 with Allison and Abby. It was my boyfriend’s first time and Allison made sure he was at ease, adjusting the pressure levels as he indicated. I had the trigger point massage with Abby, where she would have me take deep breaths to work out the knots in my back. After I left, I noticed I was sitting up straighter than ever before and felt great.

My next visit wasn’t until 2011 and Allison somehow remembered exactly who I was when she saw me. She even suggested I meet with the same masseuse I had years prior. Abby is amazing at the deep tissue and trigger point technique. She gets all of my knots out and provides great suggestions on things to practice everyday to help with my muscle soreness and tightness.

Hideaway Massage is the only place I’ll go to in the VA/DC area for massages. It’s a haul from Arlington to Leesburg but worth the drive and every cent!

Lisa S. 2/6/2012

Fantastic massage at Hideaway!  Allison and her therapists are wonderful at finding the stress and releasing it.  Very clean, comfortable and professional.  I can’t recomend highly enough.

Jenn C. 1/29/2012

April is awesome!  I get a massage every now and then…it has been almost six years since I had one I was really impressed with…thank you!  Very nice place “hidden” away in downtown Leesburg.

Rhonda C. 1/22/2012

My husband and I were looking for a couples massage and booked at Hideaway. We have been going to some of the membership massage places and decided to try something new.  One of the best massages I have ever had, The therapists are highly trained and knowledgable, unlike places like Massage Envy, etc.    The rooms were so warm and cozy.  My husband and I have done massages at our golf resort and would prefer Hideaway.  Very highly recommended!!

Nick T. 1/21/2012

Wonderful local business – really top notch. I’m about 2 months back in a workout routine after a 6 month hiatus, and massage is a great way to maximize your gains and minimize the soreness of getting in shape.  Having just moved recently to Leesburg, I’m so happy to find a great place for a good value.

My session was with April, and she was phenomenal – no complaints whatsoever.  Give this place a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Alice A. 1/15/2012

Had a great experience with Abby at Hideaway Massage. I went for a prenatal massage to focus on lower back and S1 joint pain. Felt so much better and will definitely be going back for the rest of my pregnancy and after.

Ian C. 1/5/2012

Hideaway Massage has a surprisingly quiet location right in the heart of the historic district of Leesburg. It is a peacful oasis that relaxes you from the first time you meet the team or your therapist. April has been doing some intense work on some of my  injured areas and this has really helped me in the past month. Excellent service.

Natasha L. 1/3/2012

I’ve had a lot of massage therapists work on me but none have done as great a job as Allison at Hideaway!  She had new ways of dealing with a chronic problem (my IT Band) and it’s getting so much better!  There have been noticeable improvements in the flexibility in my legs and a lot less pain!

Marilyn N. 2/27/2011

I had a massage and Indian Head and Neck add-on with Abby last evening and I’m still enjoying the effects.  She’s terrific and the Indian Head massage was stimulating-I’ll definitely do it again and soon!

Sheila R. 12/26/2011

Had a great massage last Thursday–felt relaxed through the whole weekend. Allison and Abbie are both wonderful. Love the India Head Massage too!!!! SR  Melissa E. 12/23/2011

Fantastic massage from April!  I had the 60 min. Hideaway escape.  From the heated pad on the table to the aromatherapy – it was all calm and relaxing and I left feeling de-stressed completely.  I highly recommend Hideaway!

Douglas W. 12/19/2011

Unbelievably fantastic massage by Allison. They also have a couples room for a together massage. Great ambiance and very relaxing.

Elizabeth D. 12/12/2011

I went in for 45 minutes during the holidays and came out ready to face the entire extended family!  Allison was knowledgeable and collaborative — checking with me about what works for me and modifying where needed to suit my needs/wishes.  She really can get in there and keep at it until those tight spots finally melt away.  Atmosphere is like a, well, er, a *hideaway*!  But really, it is soothing and relaxing and professionally-run.  I was referred by two different chiropractors who both think this place is the best around.

Sara B. 12/11/2011

I love Hideaway Massage. I recommend Abida Wahla.  On my first visit, I asked her help with my lower back pain, and she worked wonders.  Following an hour of deep tissue massaging, I felt much better and more flexible. I was also amazed by her ability to search out my tight muscles and work out the stress. Amazing. My husband and I continue to visit Hideaway and are amazed by the quiet, relaxing atmosphere. We will be regulars.

Phil K. 12/10/2011

Hideaway Massage is the BEST!!! The facility is cozy & comfortable and the staff is great. Lucia is my “regular”, but you will be happy with the other ladies. In my humble opinion, Hideaway is THE BEST in Leesburg, Loudoun, N. Virginia, ………….. etc.

Meg T. 12/7/2011

I went to Hideaway with chronic moderate to severe pain, in my lower back and hips. My friend had been suggesting a massage for awhile and I postponed getting help as I was terrified of being in pain during the massage. The masseuse put my fears to rest with the most relaxing massage while releasing a number of trigger points and kneading out some knots. She informed me of everything she was doing as she worked and helped me to understand my anatomy, why my body may be in so much pain and most importantly how to avoid similar injuries. I left pain free for the first time in months!!! I will be returning on a regular bases for relief.

Erin T. 11/9/2011

My massage therapist was April, and she did a fantastic job.  She was professional, friendly, and took her time.  The room was comfortable and relaxing.  One thing that I loved is that the time didn’t actually start until the massage started (some places start the time when you walk in the room, so the time you spend undressing and re-dressing comes out of your massage time).  I definitely recommend Hideaway Massage.

Tristan R. 9/7/2011

Hideaway Massage was, well, a hideaway and a bit difficult to find but well worth it!  My husband and I went last winter and will schedule again for our annual dual massage date this winter.  We had two lovely women massage therapists in a room with the coolest fake fireplace, electric and mesmerizing.  I am horribly ticklish and my massage therapist was appalled that I giggled almost throughout the massage although it is typical for me.  She tried very hard not to tickle me and asked quiet feedback questions to make sure I was comfortable.  I told her I lift weights a lot and she even did some Thai massage which involves stretching which was heavenly.  It was very relaxing, professional and the atmosphere warm and inviting.  We went to dinner at The Wine Bar in Leesburg after which serves Tapas style dinners and has a great wine selection.  We would highly recommend Hideaway Massage if you’re looking for a great couples massage and date night.

Victoria G. said:

Our first couples massage was a success thanks to Abby and April. The atmosphere at Hideaway is so relaxing and soothing – not commercialized and I loved that!  We will definitely be back!

Sandy M. said:

I’ve had three wonderful massages with Abby.  What a wonderful treat!

Teena said:

What a perfect way to relieve pre-holiday stress! Lucia’s competent hands relaxed me body and soul. I floated!

Terri M. wrote:

Abby is terrific! I have been to her 3 times now and she has provided tremendous relief for my low back/SI joint pain. Great with deep tissue work!

Leah S wrote:

The best massage I’ve ever gotten! Allison really worked out knots in my neck and perfect pressure. Place is beautifully done, cute with character!

Pam J. said:

Allison takes such great care of my body! At her first firm touch my back cracked and I began to relax. Thank you for the welcome relief from the stresses of life.

J. Most said:

Our first visit to Hideaway Massage was for a Couples Massage, what a great experience. April and Allison did a fantastic job! We will definitely be back, and highly recommend Hideaway Massage to anyone.

Lori said:

Lucia & April were great! We had a wonderful visit — relaxing and refreshing with the add-on Sandy Feet & Toes! Hope to be back with my partner on another special occasion…

John O. said:

I just had a great massage from April; she is outstanding. I highly recommend the ‘Hideaway Escape’; 90 minutes is the way to go.

Haris said:

Hideaway massage provided an incredibly relaxing and comfortable experience for my girlfriend and I with a fun couples massage. The staff was extremely friendly, and we will definitely be back again in the future! HIGHLY recommended!

Amy  said:

I came in to Hideaway with severe pain under my scapula. The pain was so intense I couldn’t sleep the night before and had difficulty turning my head. April was able to take me on short notice and worked a miracle! The pain was gone by the time I left and I got a great nights sleep! 24 hours later and I am pain free! Thanks April!!

Carrie said:

“My husband gave me the the Hideaway Massage Couple Package for my birthday. We both loved it, April and Tiffany did a fabulous job! Thank you!”

Anna and Glen said on Oct 24:
“Abby and April were great! We both enjoyed the massages and we will definitely be visiting periodically from this point forth. We were in search of a place we could go to regularly, and I think we have found the place!!! This place is great and everyone is extremely friendly. Highly recommend!!! :D”

Kris Z said on Oct 21, 2011

Thank you to Lucia and April for a great couples massage for my wife and me on her birthday. It was a great way to start off our day! Can’t wait to schedule another special day at Hideaway!

Jen said on Oct 15, 2011

Great massage by April. Very good at stretching out tight muscles in my neck. Felt great afterwards!

A. S. said on Oct 14, 2011 6:05 PM

Great massage with April. Went in with a sore back and came out very relaxed. Atmosphere is very calm, clean and professional.

Alice said on Oct 14, 2011
April was great. I came for a ball of tight muscle pressing on my sciatic, and she had all the muscles relaxed when I left. she was professional and knew what she was doing. I will be back.

Terri and Eric said on Oct 10, 2011

We had the best couples massage this past weekend. Alison and April were fantastic. Thanks for helping us celebrate our 20th anniversary!

Michaela said on Sep 29, 2011 2:00 PM

Had my first visit and it will not be my last. The Hideaway Escape was the perfect treat to myself during a few days of a stay-cation. April did an amazing job.

Jon said on Sep 26, 2011

I aggravated my sciatic Sat morning & Allison was able to squeeze me in Sat. afternoon. She was fantastic and was able to relieve the pain I was feeling, enabling me to go Fox Hunting Sun morning. Thanks!!

May 28, 2011 A.E.

Lovely Experience!! This was my first visit and it won’t be my last. From the ease of online booking to the professional service, it was just an excellent experience. The serene environment truly invokes the opportunity to “hide away” for a brief time and depart feeling relaxed and refreshed.

May 22, 2011 E.L.

Just what I needed ! Instant suntanning worked very well . Atmosphere very nice, staff and owner very pleasant! and appt was on time, and at the price quoted. Will do again.

May 22, 2011 Philip K

Lucia Rocks!!! I had strained my back the very day I had my massage scheduled … great coincidence, eh. When I left an hour later, my pain was greatly reduced, and was even better by the next morning. THANKS LUCIA …..

May 15, 2011 P.F.

Great Experience! Great atmosphere and one of the best messages I have had. I highly recommend Hideaway Massage. The online booking option is very convenient. I will definitely book again!

May 11, 2011 Mark G.

Awesome! My back is relaxed and loose now. Lucia got very deep. I do a lot of weight training and golf and now I feel like I can play again. One of the best massages I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be back next month!

May 11, 2011 Julie B.

VERY RELAXING This was my first time at Hideaway and I was very impressed. The atmosphere was relaxed and the massage was wonderful. If I ever get to VA again I will definitely return for another relaxing massage.

May 11, 2011 Bettina G

Super Relaxing and Peaceful Surroundings. This was my first time at Hideaway Massage and I was very impressed with the ambiance, the professionalism of the staff and the fantastic massage. I felt like I was floating on clouds when I left. I look forward to many more. Thanks again.

May 9, 2011 Nikki D

Amazing! Of course!! Saturday morning with Tiffany was fantastic! This was my second time with her, she remembered me and focused on what I needed. I can’t wait to see her again! I wish it were this week!

May 8, 2011 Hamza B

Wonderful massage and atmosphere 🙂 My first visit to Hideaway Massage was an amazing experience, I love the atmosphere there. And Tiffany did a great job. I can’t wait for my next session.

May 6, 2011 MARILYN R

Wonderful Massage! This is my second visit to Hideaway Massage, and both visits have been wonderful!! The first massage appointment was with Allison, and this one with Lucia. Both of them were great! If you are stressed when you go there, you are not when you leave there!! I can’t wait to go back.

May 6, 2011 Connie

So Accommodating! After 4 days of travel, walking around DC, and riding horses for 2 days, I surprised my daughter with the couples massage. With very short notice, Hideaway Massage made it happen! We Thank You!

May 5, 2011

Rebecca Best Anti-Stress 90 Minutes of My Life! I’m a college student ready to graduate soon. Pouring hours over textbooks and writing papers left my neck and back in chronic pain. Mom booked 90 minutes for each of us three days after my last test. I absolutely floated out of this establishment. God bless Lucia’s hands. Take the time to check this place out, you will not be disappointed. I felt warm and welcomed and I was treated professionally and competently.

May 5, 2011 Anita

Hidden Gem in Leesburg Moved here recently, wanted a professional massage in a clean, serene atmosphere. Hideaway Massage is all of those things and more. Allison was beyond pleasant and was well versed and well schooled in the art of both theraputic (deep tissue) and Swedish massage. Absolute A+++++ took my daughter and I on short notice. Don’t even bother going anywhere else.

May 2, 2011 Joseph H.

Great Great Great Massage This was one of the best massages I had ever. I had a 90 min massage with Tiffany. She was very easy going with an almost angelic demeanor. Her hands were like smooth milk running across my muscles. I was in a state of calm serenity during our session. She asked about my problem areas and took her time to address them well. I could really tell she knew what she was doing. I had a mixture of Swedish and deep tissue and my body definately thanked me for this small investment.

Apr 26, 2011

One of the best… The setting was wonderful and enhanced by the door open to the couples room with the sound of birds and falling rain only making it more relaxing. Allison was wonderful and used the right amount of pressure, i am sure I fell asleep. My husband a recent massage convert was also able to deeply relax with the expert massage provide by Tiffany. Will definitely be back

Apr 26, 2011 C.B.

One Word…. “AMAZING!!!” My husband and I were able to book a couple’s massage session at Hideaway Massage. We absolutely loved the service from the time we entered into the building until we reluctantly left. I’m embarrassed (yet pleasantly surprised) to say, I got so comfy, I caught myself snoring a few times. LOL. I’d absolutely recommend this location for anyone looking for a totally relaxing experience.

Apr 26, 2011 Lisa G.

What a precious gem! What a wonderful gem in Leesburg! Tiffany honed in on exactly what I needed…my back and particularly my shoulders were a mess. She unknotted everything and I slept like a baby that night! I can’t wait to come back….really soon!

Apr 25, 2011

Awesome technique. Ms. Shorbs ability to provide an deep muscle massage combined with relaxation massage is incredible. A massage experience that every athlete needs to experience one before and after a Category A event!

Apr 25, 2011

Great Service! My husband and I came to Hideaway for a couples massage and we had an amazing experience and great customer service. I would definitely recommend Hideaway. We cannot wait to come back.

Apr 24, 2011

Super!!! Excellent service. I would definitely recommend this place. My spray tan looks fantastic,!!!!!! Thanks Everything was explained to me. I will definitely be back!

Apr 23, 2011

Great location, great experience! Had a spray tan yesterday with Allison and I’ve been glowing ever since. What a great way to get color w/out basking in the sun. Hideaway is so cozy and is so close to downtown Leesburg. Love it!

Apr 17, 2011

I wish I could say more but….. I fell asleep in like 15 min. It was just what was needed. April was great, put me at ease and I was sleep with in 15 mins. I woke up feeling much better. Lovely place very peaceful. I will be using them again.

Apr 16, 2011

NICE!!! I went to repair a door for Alison and ended up getting a massage. Best massage I have ever had! She was great to talk to and gave me lots of info about issues I have with my back and neck. It was such a soothing environment. I will definitely come back for more.

Apr 10, 2011

FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE! I booked a massage late Friday PM with Tiffany, arrived Sat AM, to a clean, welcoming environment. Tiffany was welcoming, kind and an absolutely fantastic therapist! You won’t be disappointed by her! I scheduled another 90 minute with her! I’m already excited for that date! Love love love online booking! Thank you Tiffany! Thank you Hideaway!

Apr 8, 2011

It was my first time to get a professional massage in years, I now would like to make this a monthly affair! Tiffany was an absolute pleasure. I had been suffering from alot of pain from fibromyalgia, and it was as if all of the pain just went away! Everything about my experience was great and i would recommend it to to anyone! Thank you Hideaway Massage for doing such great work!

Apr 2, 2011

Lucia is a true professional. I had a lovely experience and enjoyed being taken seriously as a customer who needed an hour to get a serious massage. She is knowledgeable and caring, all in one package. Thank you, Lucia and Hideaway Massage.

March 29, 2011

If we’re lucky, we get to PLAY rock star now & then w/ our passions. Allison IS rock star ALL the time. Stress manifests in our bodies. Every time I take a trouble spot to Allison, her accuracy and effectiveness and reducing or removing it astounds me. Allison’s RADAR for “what & where”, combined w/ her knowledge and skill towards the SOLUTION…wowee. I do what I can to stay connected spiritually, care for self, evolve, excel. Then I go see Allison.

Mar 21, 2011

Great experience at Hideaway. We had a couples massage and it was very relaxing and the therapists were respectful and talented. The couples suite has a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation.

Mar 21, 2011

Yes it’s true, within 15 minutes of April’s magical touch, I was sound asleep! I also appreciated her attention to detail, and treading lightly on my snore knee. Too many therapists these days ask “hows the pressure”, and change nothing when you tell them. April was spot on, and yes, she had to wake me up at the end…otherwise I might have slept at Hideaway through the weekend.

Mar 20, 2011

I purchased the six massage package after having Allison work on my shoulder and lower back. I wanted someone who could help me relax but also figure out how to heal my achy spots. I’d label her as a clinician since she can explain my ‘boo boo’s and heal them. Love the new place!

Mar 19, 2011

I arrived full of everyday stress and left so at ease and soft. The little yellow house is a perfect setting for getting away, even if just for an hour or so. Well done, Allison!

Mar 18, 2011

Has been awhile since I was here the last time. Love the location and feel of the new practice. Excellent massage and environment as always. I definitely will be back soon.

Mar 18, 2011

The visit to Hideaway massage was excellent. Everything was explained to me I was asked what I wanted to get out of the massage and the massage itself was excellent I would recommend to anyone.

Mar 11, 2011

What a beautiful location! I loved the tranquil and calm feeling that envelops you in this lovely spa. The massage from Tiffany was just what I needed and she targeted all my areas of concern with just the right amount of pressure. Can’t wait to come back!

Mar 9, 2011

I absolutely loved Hideaway Massage (though I have to say, you DO mean Hideaway!) I felt completely taken care of, from coming and getting settled to the amazing massage I got from Tiffany. It was just the ticket for the day I’d been having! I would recommend Hideaway to anyone!

Mar 8, 2011

I will always refer people to Hideaway Massage! Allison & Lucia are exceptional! Allison always fits me in if at all possible and they always listen to my needs for relief. I have struggled with TMJ-related pain issues for years and this is the first place I’ve been that has actually made a difference! Thank you Hideaway and Allison!

Mar 3, 2011

Hideaway Massage is THE place to go in Leesburg for a truly relaxing experience. Not some huge impersonal spa- but a beautiful, peaceful little getaway right in your hometown! Allison is awesome!

Mar 1, 2011

Allison is an incredible therapist. The ambience at Hideaway is peaceful & relaxing. The aromatherapy helped me truly relax. I will refer everyone I know to Hideaway.

Feb 27, 2011

I went to Hideaway Massage for the first time yesterday and had a 90 minute Hideaway Escape with April. April was very professional and took time at the beginning to get to know me, my conditions, what I looking for, and checked in with me to make sure I was okay. This is the first time anyone had taken the time to ask what my needs/wants were and got to know me as an individual. April did AMAZING work and I left completely relaxed and the best I have felt in a long time! Highly Recommend!!!

Feb 22, 2011

I went to Hideaway Massage for the first time last Friday and saw Lucia. She was professional and I had a wonderful experience with her. The massage was just what I needed to deal with sports-related tension I had. I would recommend Hideaway Massag to others.

Feb 16, 2011

I had a fantastic massage with Lucia this past weekend. One of the best I’ve ever had (I’ve had one at least every couple of months for the last few years), in part b/c it was such a thorough working over of my body. I knew it was great b/c all I wanted to do for the next couple of days was sleep, and I slept well, which I haven’t done in a while. Thank you! I think I need one again soon….

Feb 16, 2011

My husband and I have been going to Allison for several months. This visit she asked if either of us wanted to see Lucia. She told me that Lucia had a similar style to her and she uses a heat lamp. Allison was right, I had a great massage and the heat lamp was a nice bonus.

Feb 15, 2011

My husband & I received a Valentine’s Couples massage as a gift. We both thought the entire experience was wonderful. The attention to details, the comfort of the room, and a great Swedish massage exceeded any expectations. We highly recommend Hideaway Massage!

Feb 14, 2011

We have started a tradition of couples massage for Valentine’s Day. We ALWAYS book our massage at Hideaway and we are always treated like a King and a Queen for the day! If you have a chance to book a massage at Hideaway you will NOT be disappointed!! Ask for Allison 🙂 She ROCKS!

Feb 14, 2011

This was my gf’s & my second trip here for a couples massage, and the service was just as good this time as it was the first. Allison is very friendly and accomodating to your needs/requests, and I really like the small-business feel compared to the chain places (JusMassage, Massage Envy, etc). Her studio is warm and comforting, and we were both relaxed the rest of the day. We will be returning again, thanks

Feb 13, 2011

My first experience with a couples massage but very worth it. Everyone made us feel very welcomed and at home. Massage was wonderful and an amazing way to relax. Will go back soon.

Feb 8, 2011

I enjoyed the atmosphere,the pleasant ladies who worked there and I’m looking forward to returning when the weather is warmer and I can poke arond the yard a bit.

Feb 6, 2011

A little hard to find but sooooo worth it!we did a couples massage and both ladies were great. warm inviting room, very relaxing, will go back for sure.

Feb 6, 2011

My first experience w/Hideaway Massage couldn’t have gone any better. Thank you to Lucia and her magic hands. I feel 100% and have more energy for my baby. Thanks again.

Feb 6, 2011

I went to Hideaway Massage after having a headache that wouldn’t go away for several days. Allison not only got rid of my headache in the first session but loosened up my shoulder which had also really been bothering me. I used to be a member at Massage Envy but the therapists there just couldn’t seem to address issues beyond a basic “feel good” massage. Hideaway might cost a little bit more, but who cares? The atmosphere is nicer, and the therapists are far more professional and effective!

Feb 3, 2011

The masseuse was very pleasant, especially since I forgot about the appointment and she took me 15 minutes late. She still took her time to get me settled in, ask me the areas I would prefer to be massaged and kept abreast during the massage of how I was doing, whether I needed more pressure or less. I would definitely utilize her services again.

Jan 31, 2011

This was my first massage ever and first time at Hideaway Massage. It was my girlfriends birthday and we decided to have the Hideaway Escape for Two Couples massage! Lucia took care of the birthday girl and Allison gave me my massage. Both women were very professional and made sure everything was just right and made us feel very relaxed and that we were OK during the 60 minute session. It was a wonderful experience and we are talking of going back for the 90 minute session! Thank you ladies!

Jan 28, 2011

Not only is Allison extremely professional, attentive, and skilled as a therapist, but her new location is a beautiful tucked-away gem in downtown Leesburg. It’s so much nicer than sitting in a crowded day spa surrounded by a bunch of other people – I can’t recommend it or her enough!

Jan 25, 2011

My husband and I have been going to Allison for the last few months after searching for a new massage therapist close to home for quite some time. We tried different places but none seemed to get the knots out like Allison can. We’re so happy we found her!

Jan 22, 2011

We loved the couples massage. The room was warm and cozy. The therapists were friendly and effective. Worked a knot out of my shoulder that I’d had for months. My boyfriend and I loved it!!!

Jan 22, 2011

I’ve had massages all over the world, with some great and not so great experiences. I can tell you that my experience at Hideaway was another great experience! Their new location is so charming and the personnel are warm, friendly and genuinely concerned with your happiness and well being. I asked Allison to work out some knots in my shoulders. By that evening I could already feel the results of the work she had done, and the next day my tension knots were gone! I will definitely be back!!

Jan 16, 2011

I was feeling a little sore & beat-up from falling on my backside on “black ice” when I decided at the last minute last Friday to see if I could schedule a massage. Since I had been to Hideaway Massage several months ago and was very pleased with Allison, that was the first place I looked … and fortunately Lucia had an opening. Lucia … you did a FANTASTIC JOB! Thank You! I’ll be back to see you.

Jan 5, 2011

Both my boyfriend and I had never had a massage before and we were looking just to relax and enjoy the experience. Both Alison and Lucia were very professional and really cared about what their clients wanted to get out of the massage. The heated tables were great and they always wanted to make sure we were very comnfortable during the length of the massage. Thanks Hideaway.

Dec 30, 2010

I highly recommend Hideaway Massage. Allison was very professional and caring. The very next day I experienced greatly reduced pain and felt my body was finally on the road to healing where other avenues that I have tried in the past were unsuccessful.

Dec 23, 2010

Allison is an excellent massage therapist. She showed all kinds of skills in helping relieve pain in my lower back after pinching a nerve. I’ve had plenty of bodywork done in various places, and Alison is among the best.

Dec 20, 2010

Allison has extensive knowledge of the body which allowed her to expertly treat my troubled areas. This is a must for athletes! I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Dec 2, 2010

She provides a comfortable atmosphere and her techniques are amazing. She is a weekly appointment that I look forward too!! Almost makes me excited to have muscle pain!!

Nov 27, 2010

Bravo. My back has never felt better. Allison provides the perfect combination of pressure and relaxation. I eagerly look forward to my next appointment.

Nov 24, 2010

If you are a fan of deep tissue massage then you need to visit Hideaway Massage. My experience was terrifically relaxing, especially after a long, busy work week.

Nov 18, 2010

My daughter and I went for massages on her birthday and it was a wonderful experience. We have both had massages before and this was one of the best. We will be back.