Lymphatic Drainage Massage Now Available in Leesburg, Va

Lymphatic drainage massage helps enhance lymphatic circulation, enhance the immune system, reduce pain and edema, improve the appearance and health of skin, and reduce the development of scar tissue. It is instrumental in the treatment of lymphadema disease, a condition frequently associated with injuries & cancer treatments. This service helps with healing injuries by removing damaged cells and debris from the affected area & usually takes several sessions to achieve the desired results.  Do not expect a typical massage with lymphatic drainage as this form does not employ the traditional long sweeping strokes or deep pressure associated with Swedish or deep tissue sessions. While lymphatic drainage is beneficial for some clients, it is NOT recommended for those experiencing any of the following conditions: acute inflammation, malignant tumors, thrombosis, phlebitis, congestive heart problems, kidney problems, or women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Other conditions may require a doctor’s permission before treatment or may require the therapist to avoid treatment in certain areas.

60 Minutes $90.00

75 Minutes $110.00

90 Minutes  $130.00