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Fascial Stretch Therapy ™ provided by Adapt Stretch and Bodywork

Stiff Joints? Tight Muscles? Aches and Pains? Try Fascial Stretch Therapy™ and let Rob show you how powerful this gentle therapy can be. Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a unique system of table based assisted stretching for optimal flexibility, strength & pain relief while decreasing stress, muscle soreness and risk of injuries.

To take advantage of specialized equipment, FST™ sessions are normally provided at a nearby location, just one mile from Hideaway. Your confirmation email will provide the address and driving directions.


Please wear loose fitting or athletic clothing to your session.


FST™ Services:

Initial FST™ session – 90 minutes – $120 (includes a free 30-minute assessment and evaluation)

Follow up sessions

90 minutes – $160

75 Minutes – $140

60 minutes – $120

120 minutes – $220 (great combo service to include some hands-on massage)


What is Fascial Stretch Therapy ™ (FST) ?

FST is a very unique and specialized form of assisted stretching. It is performed by a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist with a clothed client on a massage table equipped with comfortable straps to stabilize the body. FST focuses on stretching your fascial net, your joint capsules and your muscles where 88% of your flexibility can be locked away. An FST session is customized to the client to relax, or stimulate the body, mind and soul depending on the client’s goals. The therapy is non-invasive; the client will experience a stretch awareness but with proper communication the therapy is pain free. FST is one of the most effective manual therapies and has been used by countless everyday folks along with professional, Olympic and amateur athletes for over 20 years with amazing success. FST is not just for athletes! It has been used to treat every day people from all walks of life, dealing with all sorts of issues. These are just some of the ways FST can help you”

  • Reduce the risk of injury, especially sprains and strains
  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce or eliminate back and hip problems and pain.
  • Optimize the learning, practice, and performance of many types of skilled movements
  • Promote development of body awareness
  • Enhance one’s physical fitness
  • Reduce body and muscular tension, pain and soreness
  • Increase balance and symmetry of the body
  • Improve postural and gait issues
  • Promote physical and mental relaxation
  • Increase self-discipline and self- knowledge
  • Release chemicals, known as endorphins that act as natural pain suppressant
  • Reduce shoulder and neck dysfunction and pain
  • Improve and correct leg length discrepancies

What you need to know about Fascia.

Fascia as defined: A sheet or net of fibrous tissue that envelops the body beneath the skin; it also encloses muscles and groups of muscles and separates their several layers or groups. Fascia is made up primarily of densely packed collagen fibers that create a full body system of sheets, chords and bags that wrap, divide and permeate every one of your muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs.

In fact, there are very few things in the body that are not wrapped by fascia. Fascia can easily be thought of as the largest structure in the body but has long since been the structure we know the least about. That has started to change in the last 15-20 years and great strides have been made in the world of fascia in that time. Also, despite being the largest structure in the body, manual work on the fascia in the world of therapeutic bodywork has been lacking. While there are some modalities that focus on it in localized areas of the body, as a whole, our fascial network is most usually in need of attention.

The attached video does a great job of giving a visual and verbal demonstration on fascia with the use of cadavers.

Additionally, with FST, athletes at all levels have seen increases in their performance in the following areas.


  • Speed
  • Vertical jump
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility